Nick Geboers (1987) lives and works in Borgerhout, Belgium.
As an image-seeker fascinated by the rich history of photography, he is excavating the medium from the functional to the aesthetic. First and foremost an image maker, he deploys a wide variety of photographic instruments and techniques. He is also a collector of photographs that were once made for scientific or descriptive purposes but which appear now - when their context has been lost - as enigmatic artefacts. He presents his own shots and the ‘acquired imagery’ in carefully thought out constellations. These visual constructions provoke a wide gamut of possible readings. Various layers of references and meanings grow thicker by negotiating between the human sensibility and sterile technology. Different photographic traditions and their visual languages form a broad frame of reference, suggesting different ideas and narratives. This allows Geboers to move in a free space between hard and soft sciences. Switching between the position of an archaeologist and a visual author.
Besides photography, Nick Geboers works together with close friends/confidants on a small number of specialized commitments:
After graduating, Jim Campers and Geboers started organizing exhibitions under the name Pikaia, with a main focus on photography. Under the same name they started a drumscan service with a Heidelberg Tango, offering high end scans made from analog films up to 460x430mm in size. Pikaia as a company seized to exist, but we still offer the service: (website needs an urgent update!)
Together with Stef Renard, Nick Geboers started Sorghelose. The name is taken from Middle Dutch and translates best to the word "Carefree". Sorghelose is focused on art framing and presentation methods for artists. More info can be found on
Apart from art, Nick Geboers' interest in modernist design furniture expanded through working together with Gerry Vervoort. Initially they worked together on the production side of a number of museum exhibitions. For the past 20 years Vervoort's main focus has been on restoring modernist design furniture under the name Dierbaar Design:
2013-2014, MFA, Photography, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
2009-2012, BFA, Photography, Sint Lukas Higher College for Arts and Science Brussels

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2024, De Steentjesteller, FOMU, Antwerp
2022, Træfængslet, Sorghelose, Curinghe

2019, Ginnungagap, de Warande, Turnhout
2018, AÆUÅÆØ, Temple of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
2018, The center of knowledge is the table, Vitrine #92, Library of Sint Lukas, Brussels
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2023, Petits objects a, Galerie10a, Otegem
2021, De Verderzetting, Jakob Smits Museum, Mol

2019, Høst, Galerie10a, Otegem
2019, Photobook Belge "Recent Publications", F
OMU, Antwerp
2018, Changing Perspective: The Chemomechanical Pencil, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
2018, Retinal Circus, Pukkelpop, Kiewit
2018, Sights of Light, Tique, Antwerp
2017, How's The Water?, Crying Space, Antwerp
2017, Musée de la Photo de Bruxelles, Recyclart Art Center, Brussels
2017, Futures Now, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp
2017, Changing Perspective: A Multi-Camera Experience, FOMU, Antwerp
2017, Kunst In Puurs, Puurs
2016, Camouflage Studies, Articulate Research Days, deSingel, Antwerp
2015, Nothing is Cool, Ruimte 34, Antwerp
2015, .tiff, de Brakke Grond, part of Unseen Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
2015, Guest-Room, Selection by Kim Knoppers, Der Greif
2015, Off Course art fair, Brussels
2014, Nieuwe Meesters, curated by Philip Aguirre Y Otegui, De Lange Zaal KASKA, Antwerp
2014, Within our Shelter, Antwerp
2013, AMOK, PIKAIA, Antwerp
2013, Tillstånd, Antwerp
2013, NEIN Expo #1, Ghent
2012, VITRINE2012 nav Turnhout Cultuurstad van Vlaanderen Turnhout2012, Turnhout
2011, KADOC/ EXPO 8, Migrantenverenigingen in Vlaanderen, Leuven
2022, Træfængslet, Roma Publications, Amsterdam
2019, Crypte, Sorghelose, Curinge
2018, AÆUÅÆØ, Roma Publications, Amsterdam
2017, 35 Gesolariseerde Briljanten, Tique, Antwerp
2016, AND/AS, Jap Sam Books/Track Report, Heijningen
2016, Camouflage Studies, Antwerp Academy Art Press, Antwerp
2016, Extra #20 ‘Apparaat’, FW:Books, Amsterdam
2015, .tiff, Young Belgian Talent, Fourth Edition, FoMu, Antwerp
2015, Recurring Walks, Self-Published
2014, Prize of the department of Photography Academic Year 2013-2014, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

- Humblet, Steven, Ik bevind me op een eiland, 2018 (NL)
- Crabbe, Sofie, Liesbet Grupping & Nick Geboers, Sights of Light at Tique Art Space, HART #178, 2018 (NL)
- Humblet, Steven, Sights of Light, Tique Art Space, 2018 (EN)
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